Briefly About Me


  • Born & raised in New York.
  • Undergraduate studies and Law School in New York.
  • Juris Doctor from Albany Law, NY.
  • A former Mecklenburg Co. Prosecutor.
  • Understands the law!
  • Compassionate! Listens and Cares!
Attorney Karen Shapiro

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I am attorney Karen Shapiro. I have been practicing law in North Carolina since 2005. I began my legal career at the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office. As an Assistant District Attorney, I prosecuted various types of traffic offenses, including Speeding Tickets, Reckless Driving, Passing a Stopped School Bus, Driving While License Revoked, No Operator’s License, DWI/DUI (Driving While Impaired), underage drinking and other alcohol related offenses. I also prosecuted domestic violence cases, simple drug possession and other general misdemeanors.

In 2006, I opened The Law Office of Karen Shapiro, PLLC. Since then, the majority of my practice has been focused on Family Law, Criminal Defense and Traffic violations.

As a mother of three children and a step-mother of two more children, I understand the value of family. When divorce becomes a reality, “family” can have a whole new meaning. The world of divorce is not easy and can be very scary. It is more than just filing legal documents. Divorce has both legal and emotional issues, each just as important as the other. Dealing with a divorce includes making major life decisions that affect your children and/or your financial outlook. These are some of the most important decisions you will face at a time when you may be in the worst mental or emotional state to handle them. That is where I can help. My real life experience with divorce is what separates me from other attorneys. I understand both the emotional and legal issues that surround a divorce. I will work with you and advise you on the best resolution for your individual situation. I always encourage working towards an out-of-court resolution. Going to court can be expensive and it can also expose your private matters in a public setting. However, if court is required for your situation, I will stand up for you and fight hard to protect and preserve your rights.

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